Automatic Test Generation for Function Block Diagrams

Download CompleteTest

CompleteTest is an academic tool and it is currently in an early beta version.
You can always grab the latest version here and use it freely, but only as part of your academic work.

Once you have downloaded both the CompleteTest and Uppaal, extract the archive and place verifyta.exe from Uppaal bin-Win32 folder to verifyta\bin-Win32 folder of CompleteTest.

After you have placed verifyta.exe to the correct folder, run the tool either by double-clicking on CompleteTest.jar or from a command line by typing:

java -jar CompleteTest.jar

This tool is developed in Java and it requires java version 1.7 to be present on the system. You can always check the version of java you have installed from a command line by typing:

java -version

We suggest to have a look at examples located in the samples folder and view the video of how the tool is used on our About page.