Automatic Test Generation for Function Block Diagrams

Automated Test Generation Using Model-Checking: An Industrial Evaluation


In software development, testers often focus on functional testing to validate implemented programs against their specifications. In safety critical software development, testers are also required to show that tests exercise, or cover, the structure and logic of the implementation. To achieve different types of logic coverage, various program artifacts such as decisions and conditions are required to be exercised during testing. Use of model-checking for structural test generation has been proposed by several researchers. The limited application to models used in practice and the state-space explosion can, however, impact model-checking and hence the process of deriving tests for logic coverage. Thus, there is a need to validate these approaches against relevant industrial systems such that more knowledge is built on how to efficiently use them in practice. In this paper, we present a tool-supported approach to handle software written in the Function Block Diagram language such that logic coverage criteria can be formalized and used by a model-checker to automatically generate tests. To this end, we conducted a study based on industrial use-case scenarios from Bombardier Transportation AB, showing how our toolbox COMPLETETEST can be applied to generate tests in software systems used in the safety-critical domain. To evaluate the approach, we applied the toolbox to 157 programs and found that it is efficient in terms of time required to generate tests that satisfy logic coverage and scales well for most of the programs.


Enoiu, E. P., Causevic, A., Ostrand, T., Weyuker, E., Sundmark, D., & Pettersson, P. (2014). Automated Test Generation using Model-Checking: An Industrial Evaluation. International Journal On Software Tools For Technology Transfer, 1(1), 1—18.


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